Probiotics: More Benefits than You Realize

Our lifestyle and diet can wreak havoc on the gut. Eating on the go, fast food, and antibiotics throw off the balance of good and bad bacteria in our digestive system. Probiotics, found in supplements and specific foods, can be utilized to regain the balance, restore a healthy digestive tract, promote a healthier immune system, enhance protein utilization, and reduce overall discomfort.

Probiotics are often associated with a healthy gut, but they offer many more health benefits than you may realize.

Probiotics for a Healthy Digestive Tract

Probiotics attach to your intestinal lining, crowding out the bad bacteria and making room for more of the good. They stimulate nerves that control gut movement and help send food through the digestive tract, keeping everything flowing regularly. The healthier your digestive track the better your overall health.

Probiotics for a Healthy Immune System

The bacteria in your gut serves as protection against invading pathogens. Just as it helps to break down the food in your intestines, it is busy breaking down the germs that stow away into your digestive tract on your food. Probiotics act as reinforcements to your immune system. By making sure your diet contains probiotic foods and supplements you are reinforcing the good guys in your gut to combat the invaders.

Probiotics Help Enhance Protein Utilization

When your digestive tract is working smoothly, important nutrients from your diet are used more effectively. Probiotics help your body absorb the nutrients from the foods that you eat. By enhancing protein absorption, your body may recover faster after workouts with a reduction in muscle strain.

Probiotics Reduce Discomfort

Probiotics can give your brain and mood the boost you’ve been craving. A healthy digestive tract leads to a healthier body, improved attitude, better focus, and healthier skin. As the gut becomes more effective at removing the bad bacteria from your system, the entire body benefits. Discomfort from a bloaty gut decreases and the appearance of your skin may improve due to the elimination of toxins. As your body flushes out the bad, it begins to feel better. Your focus shifts away from the discomfort you once felt, and you begin to experience the brain-boosting benefits of probiotics.

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